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DIY Cloth Wipes


As I mentioned in my cloth diaper/insert post, when Maxson was born I didn’t even really realize that cloth was an option. It also didn’t occur to me to use cloth wipes instead of disposable ones. This time around I am going to try to do everything as chem free and as waste free as possible. I ended up making a bunch of cloth wipes out of a few old flannel receiving blankets. It’s easier than you’d think!


1. Cut receiving blankets into approximately 9.5”x7” rectangles. (1 receiving blanket should get you about 12 wipes at this size)
2. Zig-zag or serge around the edges of the wipes. (This is optional, but they WILL fray if you don’t. Another option is cutting them with pinking shears)

I used an old wipe box to store them in.  I also got a little fancy and folded them into each other so when you pull one out, the next one comes through the opening.



1. Lay wipe #1 half way over wipe #2 facing the same direction.  Fold the wipe that’s on the bottom in half.


2. Repeat with all your wipes.


3. Place them all in your wipe box, and pull the top one through the opening.

Now from here you can either use them with just straight water, or you can make your own wipe solution. This is the recipe for the solution I use. Simple but effective.

Wipe Solution Recipe:
1 Cup Distilled Water (I boiled tap water then let it cool before using)
1/2 Tsp Liquid Castille Soap
A couple drops of tea tree oil

I personally like to store the wipes dry and and then use the solution from a spray bottle as needed. That way I don’t have to worry about mould or anything like that. But if you so desire, you can totally soak your wipes and store them wet.


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