DIY Edible Slime

Maxson and I LOVE doing DIY sensory projects together. DIY Edible Slime is one of his favourites, and it’s incredibly simple as well!


1 Cup Water

1 TBSP psyllium fibre (like Metamucil – we used a cheaper generic brand)

A few drops of food colouring in whatever colour you choose


Mix all the ingredients together, until the psyllium fibre is dissolved.

Put it in a microwave safe container.

Put the mixture in the microwave for 4-6 minutes on high. (I highly recommend doing it in 1 minute increments – because it WILL boil over, and no one wants to clean up that mess!!)

Let cool and enjoy!


*Note, just because all the ingredients are edible doesn’t mean you SHOULD eat it. But it’s totally safe if your toddler is playing and then puts their hands in their mouth etc)

**A few people who have tried this said their slime has stained a little bit. I’ve personally not had that happen yet. I guess it depends on how much and what kind of food colouring you use.


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